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Laboratory on retinal functional architecture in health and disease

Research group of Dr. Enrica Strettoi, Pisa, Italy.


  • Immunocytochemistry,
  • quantitative neuroanatomy,
  • confocal microscopy,
  • in situ hybridization,
  • TUNEL staining,
  • western blot,
  • PCR,
  • genotyping,
  • GFP transgenic expression,
  • gene gun,
  • electron microscopy,
  • ERG recordings.


Cooperation 1:
Richard Masland, Harvard Medical School, Neurosurgery laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

Cooperation 2:
Constance L. Cepko, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Cooperation 3:
Riccardo Ghidoni, Department of Medical Chemistry, San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan, ITALY

Cooperation 4:
Claudia Gargini, Department of Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Neurobiology, Biotechnology. University of Pisa, ITALY

Current Research Projects

Project 1:
Inner retinal neurons in normal and degenerating retinas (multiple research projects addressing structural changes in amacrine cells, ganglion cells, blood vessels or glia in animal models of retinitis pigmentosa with a collection of morphological and quantitative methods)

Project 2:
Cellular pathways of apoptosis in degenerating photoreceptors (a multidisciplinary approach aimed at understanding the role of the ceramide sphingolipid pathway in the degeneration process of photoreceptors in mouse models of retinitis pigmentosa)

Project 3:
Environmental enrichment to prevent photoreceptor degeneration in animal models of retinitis pigmentosa (a recent project aimed at attempting to rescue degenerating photoreceptors in mouse models of retinitis pigmentosa by means of environmental modifications).

Group Leader

Dr. Enrica Strettoi

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Italian National Research Council

Instituto di Neuroscienze CNR.
Area della Ricerca
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi 1
56100 Pisa

Phone: +39 050 3153213
Fax: +39 050 3153213, +39 050 3153210



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