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Karolína Skorkovská

Current Research Projects

  • Pupil perimetry in the diagnosis of neuro-ophthalmological diseases, glaucoma and in the examination of pupillomotor pathways and pupillomotor receptive fields (Pupil research group, University Eye Clinic, Tübingen, Germany)
  • Glaucoma (perimetry in the diagnosis of glaucoma, quality of life in glaucoma patients, prostaglandins in the therapy of glaucoma and their relationship to changes in macular thickness after cataract surgrey)


  • Pupil perimetry (campimetry)
  • standard, blue-on-yellow and FDT perimetry
  • health-related quality of life questionnaires
  • optical coherence tomography

Selected Publications

  1. Skorkovská K, Skorkovská Š, Michalek J et al.
    Structural analysis of the optic nerve head in healthy eyes and eyes with glaucoma
    Ces. slov. Oftal. 2004; 60:400-407
  2. Skorkovská K, Lüdtke H, Wilhelm B, Wilhelm H.
    Pupil campimetry - an objective visual field test
    Scripta Medica Facultatis Medicae Universitatis Masarykianae Brunensis 77 (5-6): 307-314, December 2004
  3. Skorkovská K, Skorkovská S, Michalek J. et. al.
    Influence of age, gender, refraxtion, keratometry and disc area on the topographic parameters of the optic nerve head
    Ces. slov. Oftal. 2005;61:245-252
  4. Skorkovská K.
    Importance of structural examinantion methods in the follow-up of patients with ocular hypertension
    Ces. slov. Oftal. 2007; 63: 335-349
  5. Skorkovská K.
    Comparison of intraocular pressure lowering efficacy of bimatoprost / timolol fixed combination and other glaucoma medications in the treatment of glaucoma
    Ces. slov. Oftal. 2008; 64: 144-148
  6. Skorkovská K, Lüdtke H, Wilhelm H, Wilhelm B.
    Pupil campimetry in patients with retinitis pigmentosa and functional visual field loss
    accepted for publication in Graefe´s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology in November 2008
Karolína Skorkovská
Karolína Skorkovská

Research Group

Department of Ophthalmology


St. Ann University Hospital

Department of Ophthalmology

Pekarska 53
65691 Brno
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 776881421
Fax: +420 543182846



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