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The RP Fighting Blindness 2015 Research Innovation Award

A New Call for Research Proposals

The RP Fighting Blindness 2015 RP Research Innovation Award is an exciting opportunity for researchers to apply for grant funding - up to £150,000 over three years - to progress innovative, collaborative RP work. This call for research proposals by RP Fighting Blindness aims to be the catalyst to some truly amazing research.

It is the aspiration of RP Fighting Blindness to not only progress research along established threads, but to stimulate new thinking, encourage innovative approaches and nurture ideas. So-called seed funding can allow a scientist a little freedom from the constraints of mainstream funding. We are always balancing the need to open new doors with the risks of doing so and our commitments to existing projects. By making a specific grant available to a scientist or a collaborative group with a new idea to develop, we can create the opportunity for that idea to become reality and for innovative thinking to be tested.

Therefore, the charity is inviting applications for a special three year research grant. This special award, to be approved in early 2015, is designed to:

  • Stimulate innovative thinking and novel approaches to understand RP and make progress toward treatment
  • Encourage the development of new collaborations between investigators, particularly across different academic disciplines
  • Provide funding for research that might otherwise be deemed too speculative under our usual grant programme
  • Initiate research activity that has high potential to attract further investment from a range of funders if proven
  • The RPFB Research Innovation Award will be a highly prestigious award. It will be made on a competitive, peer reviewed basis.

The first deadline for this project is 15 November 2014, which is when the preliminary applications should be submitted in the form of an abstract and outline budget. Preliminary applications should demonstrate how the project meets the criteria and principles outlined above.

Further details are available on the PDF download, from our website:

RP Fighting Blindness is a medical research charity, registered number 1153851, formerly known as The British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society. RPFB is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, The Genetic Alliance, The Ciliopathy Alliance, and Retina International