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White Book: "A Vision for Horizon 2020" published

A Vision for Horizon 2020 – A European Strategic Roadmap for Vision Research and Ophthalmology

This White Book aims at convincing the major stakeholders in Europe that Vision Research and Ophthalmology is a discipline not only at the forefront of research but also at the forefront of translation of its scientific results into clinical practice. It should increase the awareness of public and private funding organizations, political decision makers and companies about the further development of health research in Europe concerning especially eye health.

At present, the impact on the notable accomplishments of Vision Research and Ophthalmology in clinical and basic research and patient care in Europe are obviously underestimated in comparison to other areas of the life sciences and medicine. This lack of visibility to political decision makers, the general public, private patrons and public funding bodies is detrimental to the European vision community. An active communication process to clarify the importance of our research- and clinical activities in all their rich facets and more actively publicizing the success stories will foster and increase the intellectual and financial support from the public and private sector and, additionally, attract the most talented young scientists and medical doctors to join the field of Vision Research and Ophthalmology.

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A Vision for Horizon 2020 - A European Strategic Roadmap for Vision Research and Ophthalmology
Thomas H. Wheeler-Schilling, Jan Kremers, Eberhart Zrenner (Eds.)
172 pages, Shaker-Verlag Aachen, May 2012,
ISBN: :978-3-8440-0883-8

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Table of Content

The table of content of the EuroVisionNet white book "A Vision for Horizon 2020 – A European Strategic Roadmap for Vision Research and Ophthalmology"

Introduction 9
Introduction | Eberhart Zrenner  10
The Future of Vision Research and Ophthalmology from the Patient’s Perspective | Christina Fasser  11
Challenges in Vision Research and Ophthalmology | Thomas Wheeler-Schilling  13
Invited Statements 17
Development of the Eye | Veronica van Heyningen  18
Optics of the Eye | Susanna Marcos  19
Optogenetic Vision Restoration | Botond Roska  21
Circadian Rhythms in the Eye | David Hicks  22
Zebrafish as Disease Models for Human Ocular Diseases | Stephan Neuhauss  24
Drosophila as Disease Models for Human Ocular Diseases | Elisabeth Knust  25
Mechanisms of Cell Death in the Retina | Christian Grimm  26
Retinal Network | Thomas Euler  28
Retinal Synapses | Johann Helmut Brandstätter  29
The Network of Retinal Bipolar Cells | Leon Lagnado  31
Retinal Ganglion Cell Function | Tim Gollisch  32
The Network of Retinal Amacrine Cells | Karin Dedek  34
Neuron-Glia Interaction in the Retina | Andreas Reichenbach  35
Retinal Ciliopathies | Ronald Roepman  37
Retinal Blood Flow | Leopold Schmetterer  38
The Retinal Pigment Epithelium | Olaf Strauß  39
Personalised Medicine in Ophthalmology | Peng Tee Khaw, Tony Moore, Phil Luthert, Munir Pirmohamed, Steve Brocchini  41
Public Health and Epidemiology in Eye Diseases | Robert Finger  45
Rare Diseases | José-Alain Sahel  46
The Ageing Eye | Frank Holz  48
Clinical Research Network in the European Union in Ophthalmology | José Cunha-Vaz  49
Ophthalmogenetics: The vital Issue of sharing Resources, Tools, and Information | Frans Cremers  51
Protein Networks in Ocular Diseases | Marius Ueffing  53
Biomarkers in Eye Disease | Axel Petzold  54
Ocular Oncology | Martine Jager  56
Paediatric Ophthalmology: Addressing Life-Long Visual Dysfunction | D.L. McCulloch and G.N. Dutton  58
Ocular Immunology | Uwe Pleyer  59
Translational Approaches in Retinal Degenerative Diseases | Mathias W. Seeliger  61
Electroretiniography | Jan Kremers  62
Visual Mechanisms and their Neural Basis - Fundamental Visual Processes interacting with Cognition and various Ways of their Monitoring - Visual Comfort and Harmony: Its Role in [Big] Society | Ian Murray and Janus Kulikowski  64
Refined Diagnostic Tools: (Conventional white-on-white) Perimetry | Ulrich Schiefer and Tunde Peto  66
Refined Diagnostic Tools: VEP | Neil Parry  67
Syndromic Retinitis Pigmentosa | Hélène Dollfus  69
AMD: Looking into the Future of Evidence-Based Ophthalmology | Francesco Bandello  70
Glaucoma | Norbert Pfeiffer  71
Myopia | Frank Schaeffel  72
Diabetic Retinopathy | Pascale Massin and Julien Perol  74
The Neurobiological Basis of Ocular Surface Sensation in Normal and Pathological Conditions | Carlos Belmonte  76
Cornea/Sclera | Farhad Hafezi  78
Lens and Cataract | Jochen Graw  79
Vitreo-Retinal Surgery | Sebastian Wolf  81
Cataract | Jorge Alio  82
Restitution of Vision in blind Patients by means of Electronic Retinal Implants | Eberhart Zrenner  84
Gene Therapy Approaches | Yvan Arsenijevic  85
Stem Cells as Therapeutic Tool for the Blind | Robert MacLaren  87
Low Vision, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation | Gary Rubin and Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski  89
Computational Vision | Mathias Bethge  91
Colour Vision | Rigmor Baraas  92
Evolution and Ecology of Vision | Dan-Eric Nilsson  94
Visual Cortical Function in Patients with Macular Degeneration | Antony B. Morland and Heidi A. Baseler  95
Imaging Techniques of the Human Visual Cortex | Serge O. Dumoulin  97
Neural Plasticity in Human Visual System Pathologies | Michael Hoffmann  98
Technology Transfer in Ophthalmology 101
The Future of Private Public Partnerships in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences | Jan Kremers  102
Technology Transfer in Ophthalmology | Gearóid Tuohy  105
Open Consultation 109
Ophthalmic Molecular Imaging | FD Verbraak  110
The European Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management Trial | Esther M. Hoffmann  112
Retinal Differentiation of Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cells and its Translation to the Human System | Volker Enzmann  113
Ophthalmic Epidemiology in Europe: The Complete Picture | Elena Prokofyeva, Jose Cunha-Vaz,Robert Finger, Frank Holz, Norbert Pfeiffer, José-Alain Sahel,Christian Wolfram, Eberhart Zrenner 116
In Vivo Visual Processing in the Healthy and Diseased Retina of Humans and Animals | Jan Kremers  121
Interviews 123
The Researcher’s Perspective  124
Women in Vision Research and Ophthalmology -Still a long way to go?  132
Priorities in Vision Research and Ophthalmology  138
Vital Lessons 147
Vital Lessons of Researchers in Vision and Ophthalmology  148
European Societies 153
European Ophthalmological Societies  154
Statement of the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER)  158
List of Contributors 159