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Retinal Signal Processing

Our lab is interested in the funtional organization of neuronal circuits in the retina. An understanding of the functional organization of the retina encompasses both the anatomical organization of neurons and networks of neurons as well as the dynamic characteristics of the connections (synapses) between these neurons.

We use a combination of electrophysiological techniques and optical imaging to study the chemical and electrical synapses between identified neurons, to characterize the electrophysiological and biophysical properties of neurotransmitter receptors and to study the dynamics of neurotransmitter release. Experimental work is currently performed using the mammalian retina as a model.


  • Patch-clamp electrophysiology
  • Morphological reconstructions of neurons
  • Multiphoton-photon excitation microscopy

Scientific Cooperations

  • Prof. Espen Hartveit

Group Leader

Margaret Veruki
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University of Bergen

Department of Biomedicine,
Neuroscience Research Group

Jonas Lies vei 91
N-5098 Bergen

Phone: +47 5558 6396
Fax: +47 5558 6360



Current Research Projects

  • Project 1
    Electrical synapses in AII amacrine cells
  • Project 2
    Glutamate dynamics
  • Project 3
    Cellular neurophysiology of the retina

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